Celestial University with a Twist

I’ve been looking for a spiritual series for this blog, now that I’ve fixed more kinks in being unable to see it, on my laptop.¬† If you know of any blog-type programs that are spiritually goal setting, please leave me a comment because adapting this one may prove to be more than I can handle..

Celestial University [pdf] is an LDS woman’s “Pursuit of Excellence.” I’ve decided to twist it to become more well-rounded in the studies I have going on now.¬† I am not sticking to the complete LDS version to accomplish this, but I am using the degree program as a guide for my journey.

The hardest part is incorporating my other spiritual growth studies to this in place of some of the more direct LDS philosophies.

In this program, you start by working towards a Bachelors degree, by choosing  major:

  • 8 goals in a chosen major college
  • 5 goals in College of Theology
  • 3 goals in each other College
  • 1 Project/Presentation

A Masters Degree

Add 2 goals to your major, 2 to Theology, 2 to other colleges or:

  • 10 goals in chosen major college
  • 7 goals in college of Theolgy
  • 5 goals from other colleges
  • 1 project/presentation
  • 1 demonstration

To receive a Doctorate in Celestial University

Add 2 more goals in each college:

  • 12 goals in chosen major
  • 9 goals in College of Theology
  • 7 goals in other collleges

The Degrees offered include:

  • College of Theology
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Applied Arts
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Home Economics/Cooking
  • College of Home Economics/Sewing
  • College of Interior Design
  • College of Language Arts
  • College of Physical Education
  • College of Social Science
  • College of Pyschology
  • College of Career Development

There are charts to record your progress and items to choose in each University. Now to figure out how to diversify them to not all LDS topics.