Celestial University Revisited – Updated List

Updated Plan from October

Bachelor’s Degree

8 Goals in Chosen Major (Home-Economics/Cooking

5 Goals in College of Theology

3 Goals in each additional College

1 Project/Presentation

Home Economics/Cooking – 8 goals

  1. Make Jam
  2. Can Fruit Properly
  3. Study Cookbook 30 minutes. Try 3 new recipes.
  4. Make Crepes, Quiche, and Cream Puffs
  5. Obtain one year supply grains, milk, salt, honey, or sugar
  6. Follow Menu Plan for 4 weeks
  7. Make Cream Pie from scratch
  8. Read Home and Family Lessons in RS Manual

College of Theology

  1. Hold Family Prayer Twice Day for one month
  2. Pray, on knees, twice a day for one month
  3. Read Book of World Religion
  4. Read American Islam and Listen to Islam from LDS Perspective
  5. Read/Blog Purpose Driven Life

College of Fine Arts

  1. M
  2. C
  3. S

College of Applied Arts

  1. Redo Entertainment Center
  2. Herb Gardening
  3. Propagate Rosemary

College of Business & Economics

  1. Prepare Sunday Meal ahead for 4 weeks
  2. Prepare Family Calendar for one month
  3. Laundry caught up and kept up one month

College of Home-Ec/Sewing

  1. Make five white hair ties
  2. Create 2 sets white childrens socks – baptism
  3. Make 3 items for wedding section of white store

College of Interior Design

  1. Prepare new set draperies
  2. Prepare Fresh Flowers for Front Porch
  3. Frame Family Treasure

College of Language Arts

  1. Write one letter a week for six weeks
  2. Participate in a book review
  3. Visit Libary each month for six months

College of Physical Education

  1. Do Back Muscle Exercises 3 x wk for one month
  2. Lose 25 Pounds
  3. Acquire years supply medical supply/equipment

College of Social Science

  1. Read Social Relations lessons in RS Manual
  2. Visit another State
  3. Do Personal Progress Program

College of Pyschology

  1. See therapist weekly for 3 months
  2. Change Hair Style
  3. Pack up clothes that don’t fit. Donate what don’t need/won’t wear again.

College of Career Development

  1. Finish SEO Blog eBook/online Program
  2. Finish 40 Blog Actions
  3. Read Notary Magazines for six months
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Celestial University – My Platinum Plan

I’m going to start with choosing different items, from the colleges that I chose, to form the goals to set up for a Bachelor’s Degree, although I’m really wanting to set up for a Doctorate, because that’s the way I roll.  The Platinum Plan.

12 Goal in Chosen Major: Home Economics/Cooking:

  1. Organize Recipes
  2. Can or Freeze Fruit Properly
  3. Make Jam or Jelly
  4. Make Baking Powder Biscuits from scratch
  5. Make a Cream Pie
  6. Make a Two crust Pie
  7. Bake all bread used for two weeks
  8. Make one meal/week for six weeks, from food storage
  9. Gather 1 year supply: grains, milk, salt, honey, sugar
  10. Make Weekly menus, for 4 weeks in advance
  11. Read all Home and Family in RS Manual
  12. Dry one food item (tomatoes)

9 Goals in the College of Theology:

  1. Pray two times a day, on knees for one month
  2. Read World Religions
  3. Read Lost books of bible (apocrapha and pseudopigraphra)
  4. Read Sabbath – Wayne Muller
  5. Read Book about the Gospel
  6. Teach Family History Class
  7. Read Jesus the Christ – Talmage
  8. Read Spiritual Living Lessons in RS Manual
  9. Read Miracle of Forgiveness

7 Goals from other Colleges

  1. Read one Classic or Newberry Winner
  2. Write Journal once week for 3 months
  3. Contribute to Savings Account for 3 months
  4. Decorate Front Porch
  5. Arrange Fresh Flowers in home
  6. Read book by Psychologist
  7. Participate in a Book Review