I believe.. My Testimony

I believe in God.

I believe he speaks in a “still, small voice.”  I believe that most of us never listen.

I believe in Revelation.  I believe that every person can only receive revelation for that which they have stewardship over..

I believe in Divine Intervention.

I believe we must ask for what we seek, very specifically.

I believe we should be careful about what we wish for..

I believe in wing-less Angels.

I believe the bible is incomplete because of how it was Canonized.

I believe that transliteration loses definition.

I believe that specific books, in the scriptures, were written to a specific audience.

I believe that modern revelation changes “law” but doesn’t have to be erased or hidden.  I  believe that the Atonement of Jesus Christ replaced the Law of Moses.  I still think its important to be able to know about the Law of Moses.

I believe The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a greater sacrifice than The Crucifixion.  Jesus Atoned for my sins.

I believe the Spirit World is all around us.

I believe that history repeats itself.  I believe that is because we often aren’t paying attention.

I believe religion is man-made.

I believe that people can not be perfect.

I believe it would be arrogant, of me, to say I am forgiven. I am a sinner.

I believe in Repentance.

I believe in baptism, by immersion.  I believe in Age of Accountability and that babies can not sin.

I believe in Prayer.

I believe the Holy Spirit can prompt, protect, and guide you, even if you are not worthy.

I believe in Sacred Ground.

I believe God is Just.

I believe that we are not saved by Grace alone.  I believe that “Faith, without Works, is dead.”  I believe that we are saved by Grace, but we can’t just do nothing and it magically happens.

I believe in Accountability.

I believe that motherhood/fatherhood is a divine calling.

I believe in pre-destination.

I believe that death is not the end of our lives. It is merely the end of our mortality.

I believe that relationships work in a triangle, and up is the only way to go.  If you are on the right, and your spouse is on the left, and God is at the top.. you can not get closer together, without getting closer to God.

I believe the Gospels, in the bible are second-hand information.  They were not written as things occurred.

I believe the bible is  not collated in chronological order.

I believe that everyone we meet, is for a purpose.

I believe God has a plan.  I believe that I don’t have to know the plan.

I believe that God is the final Judge, but that we must make personal judgments for our spiritual growth.

I believe we are greatly influenced by those around us.

I believe we can be in the world but not of it..

I believe there is a purpose for everything.

I believe in miracles. I believe that evil can create miracles, too, though.

I believe in treating others as I’d like to be treated.

I believe that everyone should give 100% of their capabiility.  That between two people, that is not 50/50.  It is whatever capability each person has to give.

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