WWLD? (What would Lassie Do?)

My house over-haul (or the “terrorizing of the house,” as TheBoy calls it) has had me flipping through magazines, during little breaks.. so I can sort out and throw out, those, too..

The problem is that most of these magazines were saved for a particular reason.. and I don’t find myself throwing out too many..

Like.. the January 2006 Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients.

Interviewing Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of “101 Exercises for the Soul” and “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” (in ref to 101 Exercises) they ask, “If I were limited to practicing just one “exercise” in your book, which one should it be?”

He replied, “Find a role model and live and act as if you were the person you want to be and treat yourself as well as you do your beloved pet.  By rehearsing and practicing and having coaches to criticize and provide feedback, you can become a more loving human being  and be happier too.  you are a work in progress so don’t be critical of your mistakes and give up, but instead, forgive yourself, apologize, and move on.  My role model is WWLD.  Whenever I have a problem I ask myself, What Would Lassie Do?”

Both books have been added to my Amazon Wish List:

I can not say “I am Saved”

I think it is arrogant to assume that one is saved.  I think that God has a plan, whether we know what it is, or not..

I believe we face judgment for the life that we live..

After that judgment, I will know my fate.  Not before it.

One should not presume that they are saved.

We should do our best, to set standards, in our personal life, and be examples to others, in our deeds, attitudes, and actions.  We should seek to honestly share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We should serve others as restitution of our sins.  We should teach others and guide them, when they are lost.

We should lead lost sheep back into the fold. (We should not assume one is lost.  They can assume on their own.  When they are looking or seeking.. we can guide and share what we know..)

We should do as we are commanded.. loving one another.. and let the judgment come when it may.

Its not our job to make that judgment of ourselves, or anyone else.

It is only our job to be, pray, and endure.  Seek forgiveness in your thoughts and actions.  Do your part, on the path to righteousness.

Then pray some more.  Aspire to be forgiven.  Let the judge forgive.

No worries.  Just strive to do your best.  That’s all you can do.  When you fall off the path.. get right back up and start again..  and pray some more.

thoughts about testimony

I popped into a blog, from twitter today.  Before I read any posts, I clicked through to a beautiful testimony.

It occured to me, that I probably should work on my testimony, for this blog.

My first thought is that I have no idea where to start that.

Maybe I need to read more testimony’s and figure out more what to leave out of mine, than what to say?

I wanted to send a direct message to the writer, of the testimony, because there was no ability to comment on it.  I can’t DM because she is not following me.

I don’t see any contact options.  I find that sad.  When someone inspires you.. I think you should tell them.

It is personal, enough, that I don’t want to leave it public, with an @

Mixed emotions.. but feeling positive mixed..

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