Oops! This blog wasn’t crashed, after all..

A few months ago, my blogs were hacked and many of them crashed. Upon moving them to the new hosting provider, this blog seemed to not recover the crash.

It turns out that only MY computer couldn’t see the blog, because of something to do with my cache.

So, all this time I thought this blog was gone and yet it wasn’t.

So, I’m back now.. looking for a spiritual series to work on.


Books on the Nightstand

I don’t really have a nightstand, so I didn’t say “my nightstand.” heh :)

Now that we’ve survived the hack and invastion of privacy in blog land, I can return to posting.

I’ve had much success, lately, with paperbackswap.

Yesterday, I received What Da Vinci Didn’t Know: an LDS perspective.

I add this book to my pile of religious reading, that includes:

  • Jesus The Christ by James E. Talmage (on my 101 in 1001 days goals)
  • Reexploring The Book of Mormon
  • Rediscovering The Book of Mormon
  • Book of Mormon Stories for Young Latter-day Saints
  • The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball
  • The World’s Religions by Huston Smith

I don’t, usually, have so much specific LDS reading.  I have, yet, to find authentic Eastern Orthodox material to read offline.  I’d like to have something tangible that taught me the vocabulary and spoke in simple English.

Feeding us to Death!

I just finished watching Food, Inc.

I’m not very surprised by anything new, that I’ve learned.  Maybe I didn’t learn anything new.

I, already, consider Fast Food FAKE FOOD.  Its easy to drive right by, when, in my mind, its not food.  Its “not real” has been engraved on my soul, by Marianne Williams, even if unrelated to food.

I’m more disgusted with the legal issues and the red tape..  and hidden food labels..

Its all pretty simple, to me.  I can’t grow it all.. I can’t eat it all.  I make exceptions.

I like the idea of thinking that dry pasta, in a box, is convenience food.

I’m so pleased that this movie was made and watched by so many.. I want the awareness to make Organic Foods less “weird” and more plentiful.

If more of us felt food was fake.. we’d have better food choices, so we could eat better.

This movie isn’t about not eating fast food.. its about all of our food.  It won’t make you stop eating meat. It won’t make you stop eating dairy.  It will teach you that all of our food is a dollar in some companies hand.

Conspiring men in the last days.. will feed us to death!

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