In my own “lifetime student” way, I told the story of who Israel is, last night.. and was all wrong in my genealogy.. So before I get into what I’ve learned, about Theosis, I should fix my error..

Abraham and Sarah -> Isaac and Rebecca -> Jacob (twin Esau) is later “Israel.”  The 12 Tribes of Israel (Israelites or “House of Jacob”) are Jacob’s 10 sons and 2 grandsons (through Joseph.)

OK.  Now Theosis.  My own word, for this, in the past, is “Eternal Progression.”

Today, I would call it “My Walk with God” or better “Life’s Purpose: My Walk to God.”

Honestly, I’ll keep calling it Eternal Progression, but I loved this book Theosis: The True Purpose of Human Life.

I, especially, appreciated the Glossary[PDF], at the end.

“But one thing is needful..” (Luke 10:42) really gets my attention.  Its personal to my “Martha” world.

I shall keep striving to be as a little child.. and pray for the patience I don’t have.

Research It.. for yourself.. don’t take anyone’s word, for it!

Amy has touched on something very personal to me, in her latest bible study post. Proverbs 31 is one of my favorite scriptures.. and something that has always touched me, so I started reading when I saw her post logo.

Even though Amy and I have walked similar paths, in similar shoes, we do not have the exact same spiritual thoughts or experiences. I can’t let that stop me, though, from feeling that Amy has something to teach me.

My greatest discouragement, in my own bible research, is not knowing how to compare different versions. I am very disappointed that I can’t read scriptures in their original language. Its an unrealistic expectation, of myself, though.

I am never going to read Aramaic or Greek. This makes me love apologetics.

The greatest blessing, that I have received, from my attempts to study or learn Arabic, was a change from my knowledge of “translation.”

“Transliteration” is more appropriate when we talk about languages. There simply are not words, that mean exactly the same thing, from one language to another. Culture and “the times” can also create the word that is chosen, by the transcriber.

What is a concordance? You may know it better by the words “Topical Guide.”

What is a Lexicon? You may know it better by the words, “Dictionary” or “Encyclopedia.”

I can discern. I can be strong, enough, in my own faith, to pray about what I am reading and learning, and ask for guidance and direction. I can use internet resources and do the best, that I know to do.

So can you.

Search, Ponder, and Pray.. Simple Standardz to live by..

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