Stand for what you believe in.. even if you stand alone..

What you stand for makes who you are and who you have yet to become.

When you represent your business, put your best food forward.  Look like you want others to look up to you. See what they see.  Be who you want them to see.

Dress for your personal success.  Associate with those you admire to succeed with.

Make your personal goals higher standards.  Walk with your head up, proud of the knowledge of who you are.

Choose to stand alone, when the choices to stand with are not acceptable to your personal standards.

Honor the you that you can and want to become.

Set one goal that makes you do something that teaches you a forward needed skill.  Be your best and make a plan.

Plan to walk a little taller.  Dance a little longer.  Sing a little sweeter. Love with all that you are.

and never stop praying.


In my own “lifetime student” way, I told the story of who Israel is, last night.. and was all wrong in my genealogy.. So before I get into what I’ve learned, about Theosis, I should fix my error..

Abraham and Sarah -> Isaac and Rebecca -> Jacob (twin Esau) is later “Israel.”  The 12 Tribes of Israel (Israelites or “House of Jacob”) are Jacob’s 10 sons and 2 grandsons (through Joseph.)

OK.  Now Theosis.  My own word, for this, in the past, is “Eternal Progression.”

Today, I would call it “My Walk with God” or better “Life’s Purpose: My Walk to God.”

Honestly, I’ll keep calling it Eternal Progression, but I loved this book Theosis: The True Purpose of Human Life.

I, especially, appreciated the Glossary[PDF], at the end.

“But one thing is needful..” (Luke 10:42) really gets my attention.  Its personal to my “Martha” world.

I shall keep striving to be as a little child.. and pray for the patience I don’t have.

a Prayer to the loves of my Past..

loves of my past

I know there are a lot of books “on my nightstand,” but Marianne Williamson was calling to me, this morning.  I started reading Enchanted Love.  Amazing Author.

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