Another planet on another track is coming??

It has a 3600 year cycle.

Joseph Smith talked about this, too!

The Doctrine is deep.  But after all that we see that we have, on earth, that can be seen from the sky.. what if?

And look at this map!


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  1. Anthony E. Larson
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 02:22:45

    While I am appreciative of your link to my work, I am compeled to add that I do not subscribe to the Planet X or Nabiru theory. The theory flies in the face of the actual ancient accounts. It is almost all fantasy and speculation.

    The notion of a dark, invisible or mystery planet in our solar system has little power to explain the language of the prophets, ancient and modern, nor does it explain the statements of Joseph Smith about planets and stars, and lastly is does not illuminate the ritual and symbolism of ancient and modern temples. My approach, the same promoted in documentary evidence from Joseph Smith, does explain all that and more.

    I encourage every Latter-day Saint to examine ancient planetary history from the perspective of the ancient prophets, the Savior, Joseph Smith and his contemporaries. It is far more enlightening and revealing than anything else.


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