Celestial University – My Platinum Plan

I’m going to start with choosing different items, from the colleges that I chose, to form the goals to set up for a Bachelor’s Degree, although I’m really wanting to set up for a Doctorate, because that’s the way I roll.  The Platinum Plan.

12 Goal in Chosen Major: Home Economics/Cooking:

  1. Organize Recipes
  2. Can or Freeze Fruit Properly
  3. Make Jam or Jelly
  4. Make Baking Powder Biscuits from scratch
  5. Make a Cream Pie
  6. Make a Two crust Pie
  7. Bake all bread used for two weeks
  8. Make one meal/week for six weeks, from food storage
  9. Gather 1 year supply: grains, milk, salt, honey, sugar
  10. Make Weekly menus, for 4 weeks in advance
  11. Read all Home and Family in RS Manual
  12. Dry one food item (tomatoes)

9 Goals in the College of Theology:

  1. Pray two times a day, on knees for one month
  2. Read World Religions
  3. Read Lost books of bible (apocrapha and pseudopigraphra)
  4. Read Sabbath – Wayne Muller
  5. Read Book about the Gospel
  6. Teach Family History Class
  7. Read Jesus the Christ – Talmage
  8. Read Spiritual Living Lessons in RS Manual
  9. Read Miracle of Forgiveness

7 Goals from other Colleges

  1. Read one Classic or Newberry Winner
  2. Write Journal once week for 3 months
  3. Contribute to Savings Account for 3 months
  4. Decorate Front Porch
  5. Arrange Fresh Flowers in home
  6. Read book by Psychologist
  7. Participate in a Book Review
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