In my own “lifetime student” way, I told the story of who Israel is, last night.. and was all wrong in my genealogy.. So before I get into what I’ve learned, about Theosis, I should fix my error..

Abraham and Sarah -> Isaac and Rebecca -> Jacob (twin Esau) is later “Israel.”  The 12 Tribes of Israel (Israelites or “House of Jacob”) are Jacob’s 10 sons and 2 grandsons (through Joseph.)

OK.  Now Theosis.  My own word, for this, in the past, is “Eternal Progression.”

Today, I would call it “My Walk with God” or better “Life’s Purpose: My Walk to God.”

Honestly, I’ll keep calling it Eternal Progression, but I loved this book Theosis: The True Purpose of Human Life.

I, especially, appreciated the Glossary[PDF], at the end.

“But one thing is needful..” (Luke 10:42) really gets my attention.  Its personal to my “Martha” world.

I shall keep striving to be as a little child.. and pray for the patience I don’t have.

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  1. Shawn
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 20:27:07

    Thanks for letting us know the correct info. Thank you for inspiring me in my own quest for a greater understanding and my own “walk with God”


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