Bashing in the name of Religion

I really don’t understand the Christian need to bash other religions.

Believe in your religion.  Know doctrine.  Don’t worry about what you don’t know about other religions.

In all my experiences, no one, other than the person who believes and practices their own religion, KNOWS that religion.

The worst thing you can do, is tell me what I believe.  No one knows what I believe more than I do.

If you want to know about what I believe, ask me.  No one else can tell you.

Just as I wouldn’t go ask a baker how to change the oil, in my car, I would not go to a particular leader, of any church, and ask about another church.

Its  not insulting to my religion.. its insulting to my intelligence.


In my own “lifetime student” way, I told the story of who Israel is, last night.. and was all wrong in my genealogy.. So before I get into what I’ve learned, about Theosis, I should fix my error..

Abraham and Sarah -> Isaac and Rebecca -> Jacob (twin Esau) is later “Israel.”  The 12 Tribes of Israel (Israelites or “House of Jacob”) are Jacob’s 10 sons and 2 grandsons (through Joseph.)

OK.  Now Theosis.  My own word, for this, in the past, is “Eternal Progression.”

Today, I would call it “My Walk with God” or better “Life’s Purpose: My Walk to God.”

Honestly, I’ll keep calling it Eternal Progression, but I loved this book Theosis: The True Purpose of Human Life.

I, especially, appreciated the Glossary[PDF], at the end.

“But one thing is needful..” (Luke 10:42) really gets my attention.  Its personal to my “Martha” world.

I shall keep striving to be as a little child.. and pray for the patience I don’t have.

Feeding us to Death!

I just finished watching Food, Inc.

I’m not very surprised by anything new, that I’ve learned.  Maybe I didn’t learn anything new.

I, already, consider Fast Food FAKE FOOD.  Its easy to drive right by, when, in my mind, its not food.  Its “not real” has been engraved on my soul, by Marianne Williams, even if unrelated to food.

I’m more disgusted with the legal issues and the red tape..  and hidden food labels..

Its all pretty simple, to me.  I can’t grow it all.. I can’t eat it all.  I make exceptions.

I like the idea of thinking that dry pasta, in a box, is convenience food.

I’m so pleased that this movie was made and watched by so many.. I want the awareness to make Organic Foods less “weird” and more plentiful.

If more of us felt food was fake.. we’d have better food choices, so we could eat better.

This movie isn’t about not eating fast food.. its about all of our food.  It won’t make you stop eating meat. It won’t make you stop eating dairy.  It will teach you that all of our food is a dollar in some companies hand.

Conspiring men in the last days.. will feed us to death!

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