To Whom This Letter Finds..

I write to you from the future. Yes, I’m serious.

If you are after September 21, 1823, then you should seek out The Book of Mormon.

If this time has yet to come to pass, I would tell you of the most important truth that I have the honor to share.

I know not your personal circumstance, but this much I can say..

No matter who, or where you are from, this information applies and can aide you.

These are simple truths.

  • There is a God.
  • He does care for you.
  • He has a personal hand in your life.
  • He has a son, Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ loves you, enough, that he died and provided a personal atonement, for you.
  • You have a purpose.
  • You matter, more than you know.
  • Choosing the right is the way back to live with God.
  • If you live righteously you will have true happiness.

And now, when you receive these words, I ask that you open your mind, and ponder with your heart, and your mind, what has been spoken.

I would, also, ask that you pray, on these things, with a sincere heart, and with real intent, believing in God, that he will make known the truth, of it, unto you.

I, also, ask that when you receive this truth, that you would remember the feeling it gives.  For by it you may learn all things pertaining to the mysteries of God.

My final piece of advice, is that you hold to the feelings, and seek out the truth.

Endure to the end.

If you lose your way, remember this letter or start one of your own.

I ask, that when you have finished reading this letter, my testament, that you would add a few words.. a short letter to it, and pass this on.

Together, we shall make our own plates of old.

A wise man once said, that if you spend your whole life crying repentance and have a hand in the saving of one soul, “Great shall be your joy.

Know you this, you have already saved a soul.  My soul.

For in writing this letter, the Lord has allowed me to reach out with my soul and feel yours.

My joy is great, for I am familiar with your spirit and I stand as a personal witness of you.

If your joy be great, with saving one soul, how great shall be your joy, if you save many souls and gain this personal witness?

I love you and look forward to meeting you one day, face-to-face.

Endure to the end,

M.D.F. (Modern Day Fisherman)

(** This is an anonymous letter I have come into contact with. The blog author did not write this.)