Conference on MP3

I did not know that conference addresses, are available, in podcast!

Happy.. Happy..

Spiritual Perspectives

I am a very spiritual person. I would rather use the word “spiritual” than “religious.”

Along with this, though, I’m a very “real” person.

I have been reading many spiritually/religious type books, lately. I prefer authors that do not specify, to a point of preaching their religion, to me, though.

I am a Christian. I would never be so vain, though, as to tell someone that I am forgiven. I do not think that its my judgment, of even myself. I don’t feel that I have to carry those types of worries, as burdens, on my own shoulders. I’m glad its not my job.

I do believe in Patriarchal order and although offensive, I don’t throw a book, down, because it refers to God as “She.”

I, also, do not throw a book down, because it uses an expletive. I don’t want to read books filled with page after page of profanity, and I’d rather read the word “God” in a positive, spiritual respect, though.

I enjoy the religious/spiritual perspective, of people, of all religions, and sometimes those with no religion, at all.

I would rather read a positive book. A book that speaks to my soul, or teaches me some new perspective, about a principal, that I’ve already studied or learned.

I like to think, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”