A Return to Love

return to loveWhat an inspiring book. Marianne is a real person, who has had real experiences.

There are some words, in this book, that will offend people. I think her choice, in words, though, makes her more real.

I would, however, worry that giving this book to some Christians, would really offend them.

Must I say “offend” three times? I think so. I am not beyond “bad words” and I wouldn’t say this book is loaded with them.. it is not. But, some people, don’t want to read or hear any.. hence my warnings.

When I first started reading A Return to Love, I was very skeptical. I have some very direct spiritual views. I’d say that I’m not part of the “Christian Norm,” at all, though.

I like a book that touches me.. Just like music, I want a book to stir my soul, too. Teach me something.. even if its a different way to think or feel. Make me feel that you’ve come into my life, for a purpose.. even if I don’t know what that purpose may be.

I have an open mind. I was able to turn the page, and continue reading, when my own skepticism questioned what I was doing..

..and I’m so grateful that I did.

Sometimes simple concepts are the hardest for us to grasp, because we are too busy thinking we know everything..

Marianne has taught me, so much, about me. She has taught me something about every friendship/relationship that I’ve ever had.. She has helped me see where failures, of my past, were not failures, if they served a purpose. We simple must accept that we don’t have to know the purpose of a relationship to pursue it… or to end it.

Sometimes walking away is very difficult, but healthy, too.

My budget does not allow me to purchase and give this to those who have touched my lives.. but I want to. I want to mail it to a prison. I want to send several just across town. I want to allow my “former friends” the opportunity to see how we can be so different, and yet the same.

Marianne changed my views of arrogance and selfishness to “fear.” God is Love. Love is all there is. It seems simple. Too simple. But, our fears really do control us.. and if we can but see them as illusions, we can overcome them, and be better human beings.

I am going to break down, some of Marianne’s thoughts and concepts, in future posts, where I can direct some specific thoughts, that I have..

Read this book. Really read it. It will change your mind..

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