My Take on Talking in Tongues

I think “talking in tongues” is a simple concept.

It does not mean that we talk, in a way, that makes no one, we are talking to, understand us.

It is not babble. But, it can seem to be babble, to some. The message, then, is clearly not for he whom hears the babble.

I, rather, think, it is being given the Spirit to communicate with others.. “their way,” but “His Way” is a more appropriate thought..

This can take many forms. I, in my mortal knowledge, am incapable of knowing all the ways of this..

I am blessed, to know, that I don’t have to know God’s Plan, in its fullest, to be able to participate in it.

When the Spirit touches others, through you.. you may not even be aware of it.

With that, in mind, I’d have to say, then, that “talking in tongues” could be as simple as a touch.. a courtesy.. a “thank you” to a stranger.. or a smile.

We simply can never know when we are being used by God. What a wonderful thing, though, to be “used by God.”

Let us all want to be “Used” like this.

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