Mary’s Heart, Martha’s World, Me?

Last June, I read Camille Fronk Olson’s book, “Mary, Martha, and Me – Seeking the One Thing that is Needful.” I had purchased it, as a gift, for my eldest daughter’s high school graduation.

We had, previously, watched Camille, together, in the round table discussion, on BYU-TV.

Up to that point, I had never heard of the Mary/Martha guilt. I was so intrigued, I stayed up, all night, during our travels, prior to her graduation, to read it.

I loved Camille’s take. It didn’t surprise me.. I’ve always been so inspired by Camille.

A few weeks ago, I was seeking out some books, to read, for my 101 in 1001 challenge. My youngest daughter has been a reading nut, lately, and although I’m concerned about what she may be reading.. strictly because I can’t keep up and research.. I’ve been allowing her to purchase and I’ve been purchasing “unknown-to-me” books.. because I figure that she’ll get them, one way or another, anyway.

I can only hope and pray that she makes wholesome choices.

I was perusing the christian and spiritual type inspirational books.. while I waited for her to gather her needz..

I saw this book, called, “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” by Joann Weaver.

There was Mary/Martha again. And there was I.. over interested.

I added this book, to my “nightstand” of many titles, of many varied subjects. I’ve been reading a few pages, here and there..

And the other night, I happened upon a most interesting part/ideal/thought/concept..

I hadn’t give much thought to the religious history, of Mary/Martha’s day. I hadn’t thought about how women didn’t “walk with God,” then. I hadn’t thought about the historical precedence of Jesus’ chastisement to Martha.

I am a busy-body, like Martha. I, too, would have been going out of mind, trying to see about all the necessary preparations, with added guests..

I know I would have been offended to think that I was not doing “good.”

But, Ms. Weaver has opened up a wonderful new light, of understanding, for me.. (Camille had settled my offended thoughts.. but this understanding is so much more..)

The only thing that was needful was knowing God.

Women were given the great blessing of being allowed to worship.. allowed to know.. allowed to do what only men, in that day, were allowed to do..

Weaver wrote, “With those words, Christ swept away centuries of chauvinism and bias, tradition and ritual. Women were no longer to be on the outside looking in when it came to spiritual matters.”

What a remarkable change, of heart, it is, to realize that it was not the chastisement that it appears, to be. He needed to teach Martha how to do what was completely against her “everyday knowledge.”

He needed to teach her that she could know God. She was just as worthy. In the grand scheme of things, the dishes are not as important as learning something spiritual.

And we are all just as worthy, as another, to learn..

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