In general, looking at a real big picture, Integrity is all we have. It shapes us. It molds us. It defends us.

I was looking for a poem, that I read, over a year ago, online.. it was a letter to a non-muslim woman.. comparing what one feels is negative, in both directions.. a muslim woman’s approach to not feeling oppressed because of her modest dress.. religious beliefs..

While I was seeking this Google Juice, I ran into a post, written by an “anonymous” Arab/Muslim/Female, in a student magazine.

I stopped, just after this paragraph, to collect my thoughts.

I don’t think that I am downplaying anything when I feel that any spiritual or religious person is not much different than me.

I find it interesting that the religions that seem to hate each other, the most.. have the most in common.

Its not easy being peculiar.

As a general thought.. Righteous Muslims, True Christians, and Devout Jews are very much alike. They are all trying to do the best that they can.. while they endure..

waiting for the same thing!

The only differences are semantics.. how things are done.. why things are done..

In the end, we are all trusting our God.. and waiting for what comes next.

It doesn’t matter if the name’s are in different languages..

When we are truly honest, with ourselves, we don’t find a need to hide behind the tag “anonymous.” Or maybe that was the only way to admit that one lacks whatever is needed to not want to “punch others in the face..”

If you can’t put your name next to something you write/say/type, then maybe you should re-evaluate what you are saying.

IF we all try hard enough.. we can find even the most innocent comments, offensive.

We must stand for something.. if we wish to be witnesses of truth.