Learning to get involved..

I, typically, shy away from LDS blogs…

Its my inner coping mechanism, to avoid conflict and online drama, I think.

I don’t agree, however, that this is in my best interest.. as I do have a vast amount of knowledge to share.. and I want to learn from others.

I just must find some avenues, with reduced drama clutter, and some serious doctrinal discussions, to expand my horizons.

So, I’m out here.. I’m getting my feet wet.. and I’m only half worried about it..

I sit somewhere in between, in my life right now.. In between where I once was and where I want to be..

I’m okay feeling like I’m crawling through the gospel.. I’m okay questioning myself and wondering what better, that I can be doing, for me..

People, culturally, have a different interpretation of what Peculiar means.. its not just weird, although I’m quite all right being weird and geeky, most of the time.

I’m rather fond of number three, I think.

I am distinctive in nature or character than others..

I’m just distinctive in nature and character from many LDS others, too.

So, this is a new journey.. a new path of discovery.. a place to put what I find..


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